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I’m the recovering daughter of Chinese, control freak immigrant parents. What I learned about personal storytelling saved my life. By sharing what I know, I’m hoping to spare you from the misery that wrecked me (until I figured things out).

Our power comes from sharing our stories in written and spoken words. Over the years, I’ve trained hundreds of students of every color, culture and age bracket. Your life is unique. You need to be respected and heard.

That respect begins with self-respect that comes from loving ourselves and our own lives. Personal storytelling creates self-confidence and an appreciation for our own journey through life.

This kind of badass inner strength is the key to being dynamic in our relationships and work.

I teach this kind of storytelling in my writing and communication classes at various colleges, universities and private consulting gigs. But you can get a taste for my teaching style right now.

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My goal is to make this blog — and myself — a resource for you. I have posts about:

  • How to improve your writing and work skills
  • How to improve your basic journalism skills
  • Being Asian American, Chinese American
  • Holistic health tips
  • Healthy food recipes
  • My travel experiences
  • Relationships, from parents to romance
  • Random stuff about art and life

As a Chinese American woman, I wrestle with issues related to a checkered academic past, a 17-year interracial marriage that ended in divorce, momhood and, nearly a quarter life in therapy.

Tiger moms really bug me, too, which led to my popular 2011 blog rant: Parents Like Amy Chua are the reason Asian Americans like me are in therapy.

But writing saved my life. You can read about how in my three-part life journey blog posts.

For bio stuff, my LinkedIn profile details both the teaching career (NYU, The New School, Sarah Lawerence, Westchester Community College, Baruch College, St. John’s University) and journalism career (New York Daily News, PBS, Newsday, Crain’s New York Business, Newark Star-Ledger, The Village Voice, Huffington Post). I also served on the board of Museum of Chinese in America and the New York State Acupuncture Board.

Thanks for visiting bettymingliu.com.  :)

And, for a brief version of my bio:

Betty Ming Liu is a blogger, journalist and professor. She teaches creative and non-fiction writing, journalism and communications. She lives in the New York City suburbs with her two cats. Subscribe to her blog, at http://bettymingliu.com.

Or, for an even shorter bio:  

Betty Ming Liu is an NYU adjunct professor and blogger.